Reporting and monitoring

We prepare detailed reports for our customers, primarily for banks and financial service providers.

Our services:

  • Portfolio reporting on the basis of a certified accounting system, giving you a complete, record-based history for any receivable
  • Fast overview of your operational performance metrics
  • Support for your customized data analysis
  • Management cockpits for easy data access
  • Direct access to highly aggregated, meaningful performance metrics and extensive analysis charts
  • Intuitive user operation
  • Reporting in seconds minimizes waiting time
  • Continuous access to previous and current daily data
  • World-wide, 24-7 access
  • State-of-the-art security standards and extensive system of access privileges
  • Export option for all analysis results to Excel and PDF
  • Download and upload option for important documents
  • Report archiving
  • Optimized report printouts

fsp.control gives you access to extensive analysis options, down to the individual record level. This is possible for the functions:

  • Receivables management
  • Commercial credit insurance
  • Liquidity
  • Statistics
  • Reporting
  • Accounting

Insights into fsp.control: Our customers' view

Insights into fsp.control: Your customers' view

The portals are displayed in the corporate design of the factoring company.