Electronic invoice processing

Give your customers a professional and standardized submission process. Electronic invoice processing gives you a fast and efficient instrument for fully-automated record processing. Based on the extracted information, customized audit procedures can be processed down to individual records.

Our services:

  • Record transmission with standardized input channels (e.g. WebPortal, SFTP, X400, AS/2)
  • Record submission independent of document or file type.
  • Accurate and secure extraction of data and downstream processing in real-time.
  • Automated readout of the complete invoice content
  • Fraud prevention and minimized validity risks: verification to individual record level with integrated audit tools
  • Electronic summary of submitted records
  • Secure transmission of data to your system
  • Reduced workload for manual record processing and increased efficiency for internal processes for you and your customers.
  • Digital archiving of the original document and supplemental documents
  • High software compatibility