Document management

Maintain control and let us help you to archive information and documents that must (or should) be retained. We help you to enter, manage, find, and archive all documents. The document management system SAPERION is the right software for your company! Business transactions and associated data are consolidated into a digital file, creating a common document basis for all users. Information is quickly accessible - retrievals and changes are traceable seamlessly.

Leverage your advantages:

  • Central management and long-term archiving of all company information
  • Audit-proof and legally compliant long-term archiving
  • Automated, standardized, and optimized processes
  • Location-independent and mobile access to all information
  • Straight-forward information flow facilitates improved internal communication
  • Document history
  • Revision management
  • Access management with detailed and accurate security credentials
  • Task management and scheduling
  • Full text search - find and retrieve documents by associating keywords and phrases